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Decentralised Finance empowers millions globally, providing financial freedom and opportunities
Everyone loves DeFi for its higher yield, unrestricted access, and financial privacy
Yet, when DeFi protocols become targets of attacks or manipulations, users can experience a sudden loss of funds
And the toughest challenge is price manipulation attacks. Even highly trusted DeFi apps can be targeted and compromised by these attacks
In traditional finance, regulators handle this matter
Can we effectively implement self-regulation in the realm of Web3?

At Apostro, we're building a better way to self-regulate markets to avoid oracle attacks

When we think about DeFi we overlook antagonistic actors who manipulate markets. Instead, we tend to focus on higher yield, new fancy apps, and lucrative staking rewards. Checking market risks is tedious, so we hope that developers have taken that responsibility off our hands. But that job should be done constantly since the market is constantly moving.

While the DeFi landscape and Web3 security has witnessed significant advancements in recent years, price manipulation attacks continue to be prevalent, putting even the most secure and well-designed applications at risk. 

Besides, after each attack, users struggle to trust their funds in the DeFi ecosystem. When a lending app adds an exotic asset that was manipulated, we blame ourselves for being greedy and not doing an extra-mile of DYOR; when the community raises an alarm in Twitter about an ongoing attack, we blame the development teams for their delayed response.

That’s why we are building Apostro as our commitment to both you and the broader Web3 community. We believe that market manipulation attacks can be prevented; we want to simplify users' experience and empower them to maximise the potential of DeFi so Web3 enjoyers can finally focus on the fun part of crypto.

We conduct thorough analysis of risks in lending protocols, including economic attacks like price manipulations, systemic risks, and protocol solvency risks. Our research-based approach follows traditional finance best practices, providing reliable metrics and guidance to our users.

Apostro founders have a solid six-year history of collaboration and bring a combination of expertise in finance, web3 and cybersecurity. Our team comprises quantitative finance professionals and experienced developers with backgrounds in HFT, mid-frequency hedge funds, and smart contract development for DeFi.

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