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Enhancing BNB Chain Security

Apostro is a risk management & security platform for tracking and prevention of both economic and technical smart contract exploits.

Track live and watch security health status of protocols such as Venus, Radiant, Alpaca Finance, Liqee, Green Planet, dForce, ApeSwap, Wing Finance, Valas Finance!

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Binance Smart Chain advances the potential and usability of decentralized applications.

Apostro enhances security and implements complex solutions for applications built on it. Why us?

Risk management

Set economic thresholds to monitor your business for incidents or potential exploits.

Trading operations security

Monitor trading activity across all smart contracts and get alerts on triage incidents and potential attacks, in a single web terminal.

Market impact

Abnormal market activity influences price per share and breaks the collateral peg.

Oracle price manipulatioin

Catch the difference in time and upgrade the oracle

Not sure why you need protection? See statistics

We gathered data on the exploits from the past 3 years and brought it together into one dashboard

It covers all DeFi-related projects, exploit types, chains & amounts stolen.

How Apostro enhances the safety of applications and protocols built on Binance Smart Chain?

Solutions for risk management & application's security

Security Dashboard

Track all relevant data in one dashboard — protocol's health, alerts, liquidity changes and more

Security Analytics

All the alerts come with a description of what caused them, as well as notes from the team if they have already checked it.


Get alert notifications to your team space — be it email, Slack or other platforms

Automatic Testing

All smart contracts added to Apostro are continuously checked and tested for vulnerabilities
Ready to protect your protocol?

Secure yourself against exploits. Stay on top of the vulnerabilities and bugs and get alerts for malicious activity on various chains.

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